Shield of the Seven Parts

Week 1

And so it begins...

Week 1 saw our adventures called together by their commander to be sent to the Dwarven stronghold of Nestor where a piece of the shield wall has gone missing. They are to find out what happen to it and report back to central command. 

The journey started out with a bang as Stax bought the whole town breakfast meatpies after a misunderstanding about the value of some coins. From there it was a quiet trip down the main road, stopping at way stations at night. One of those night Stax found a strange stone cube and with Tristan's help was about to open it, finding an assortment of coins. 

Chesku had put caltrop to protect against invaders however poor Sarah was the only one hurt by them, stepping on them when she went to leave in the morning and poor Sarah's woos only got worse from there as she was nearly killed in a heated battle with some wolves and their goblin riders.

After the party was victorious they limped on to Nestor only to be greeted coldly by the Dwarfs, who thought they could handle their own issues. After some investigating, and a lovely night of cards at the pub, the party managed to get into the thieves escape tunnel and help the miners clear the blockage. 

Tristan then risked his life as he shimmied along a narrow ledge, almost falling mulitple times before finally getting a look at the rest of the path, winding it's way down the mountain. They decided to return to the fort for a night and tackle the dreaded mountain in the morning and it was good they did as they now had the help of a Dwarven tracker named Harold Pitkowski.



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